The transistor just got smaller

Transistors have been a fundamental element of an electronic ages. The transistor like a sink faucet controls a flow from a small current to a large on. Historically, the number of transistors installed onto a computer chip has doubled every few years.

Today carbon nanotubes may well be the fundamental starting place to shrinking down transistors and making more powerful computers possible
Last month IBM researchers reported creating a transistor that is half the size of normal silicon transistors. The carbon-nanotube transistor has a width of 40 nanometers which is the smallest transistor so far.

Researchers have created carbon-nanotube transistors with certain supersmall components before, but the whole package was still bulky, says study coauthor Qing Cao of IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. The new study confirms that, in terms of size, carbon-nanotube transistors can beat out silicon — and that’s no small feat.