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Ancestors of modern humans had sex with at least FIVE different archaic human species

Daily Mail UK - 4 hours 57 min ago
Australian researchers have revealed that the ancestors of modern humans interbred with five different archaic human groups, two of which were known while the others remain unknown,
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Companies use OKCupid photos, social media to train face recognition

Daily Mail UK - 5 hours 47 min ago
More than 10,000 images of customers at a cafe in San Francisco were collected in 2014 without their knowledge. Images were used by researchers in China to train a state-run surveillance system.
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Australopithecus breastfed their children until they were 12 months old, ancient teeth reveal 

Daily Mail UK - 6 hours 13 min ago
To explore the diets of baby Australopithecus africanus, Renaud Joannes-Boyau of Australia's Southern Cross University and colleagues studied five teeth taken from two ancient hominins.
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It's Prime Day! Amazon slashes the prices of hundreds of items across its website for 36 hours

Daily Mail UK - 6 hours 23 min ago
Amazon Prime's shopping extravaganza has begun, with prices slashed across technology, home, fashion and beauty. But you'd better be quick if you want to snap up a deal, as the sale lasts just 36 hours.
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Española chile pepper to be the first fruit grown on the ISS as NASA seeks crops to take to Mars 

Daily Mail UK - 7 hours 1 min ago
Certain chile peppers have advantages when it comes to looking for plants that can be grown easily in space, in that they can be easily pollinated and can survive within a carbon dioxide rich environment.
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Humans could one day live on Mars thanks to 'small islands' made of super lightweight TILES

Daily Mail UK - 7 hours 3 min ago
Tiles of a super-light aerogel would be laid in ice-rich temperate regions of the planet, according to the ambitious plan laid out by a joint US and British team to insulate and warm the world.
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Headed to Mars? Pack Some Aerogel—You Know, for Terraforming

Wired - 7 hours 4 min ago
Armed with the right materials, Martian colonizers could unlock frozen carbon dioxide beneath its surface, making the Red Planet warm enough to support life.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on electronics from headphones to speakers

Daily Mail UK - 8 hours 28 min ago
Amazon Prime Day 2019 has officially started - we've rounded up the best deals on electronics this Prime Day, so you can make some big savings on the tech you've had your eye on.
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Star Wars News: 'Rise of Skywalker' Reshoots Are Happening, Apparently

Wired - 9 hours 4 min ago
Don't worry, though. This is unlikely to be some kind of 'Rogue One' situation.
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4.2 million-year-old fossil of a tiny monkey has been discovered in Kenya

Daily Mail UK - 9 hours 35 min ago
Researchers from Kenya, the University of Arkansas, University of Missouri and Duke University have announced the discovery of a tiny monkey that lived in Kenya 4.2 million years ago.
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Robots Alone Can't Solve Amazon's Labor Woes

Wired - 11 hours 4 min ago
This Prime Day, some Amazon workers are striking. But the company can't just automate its labor problems away.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: The 23 Best Home and Outdoors Deals

Wired - 11 hours 4 min ago
We scrolled until our eyes burned to bring you the best Prime Day deals on fitness watches, Instant Pots, and more.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on laptops

Daily Mail UK - 12 hours 15 min ago
The time has come to upgrade your laptop. With the arrival of Amazon Prime Day 2019, you'll get the chance to snag a nicer one at a guilt-free price. Check out our picks of the best laptops offerings.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on video games like Marvel's Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat 11 and more

Daily Mail UK - 12 hours 19 min ago
The 48-hour Amazon Prime Day is here and that means there are plenty of video game deals including some great PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch bargains and special edition discounts
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19 Best Prime Day Deals on Amazon Devices: Kindle, Echo, Fire

Wired - 13 hours 4 min ago
Get your Alexa on with these Amazon Device deals on Fire Tablets, Kindles, Ring Doorbells, and more.
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Stonehenge was 'dragged into position using LARD'

Daily Mail UK - 13 hours 54 min ago
Newcastle University archaeologists found fat residues on shards of pottery and suggest the same lard may have been used to lubricate sledges.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best deals on smartphones including iPhone, Galaxy and Samsung

Daily Mail UK - 14 hours 9 min ago
From July 15 to July 16, hundreds of products across Amazon.co.uk will be available at discounted prices exclusively for Prime members. Here are the best deals on smartphones
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Absolute Best Tech Deals Online

Wired - 15 hours 4 min ago
We scoured Amazon's labyrinth of discounts to bring you the best Prime Day deals.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019: 17 Best Early Deals and Shopping Tips

Wired - Sun, 07/14/2019 - 12:00
Amazon's big Prime Day sale is almost here. Here are the best early deals, and tips to get more out of the deal madness.
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Fruit flies feel chronic pain after they are injured, study reveals

Daily Mail UK - Sun, 07/14/2019 - 10:16
Fruit flies experience a similar kind of discomfort to humans who are struck down by sciatica, a pinched nerve or an injured spinal cord, scientists at the University of Sydney found.
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