Save Stack Rock Fort

Every historic building requires periodic repairs and, eventually, a restoration. This restoration will be expensive and a labor-intensive process, but the historic property we are preserving is worth the cost and effort. Though we cannot do it alone,

In 1539 Thomas Cromwell proposed the fortification at Stack Rock in order to protect the waterway. Though it took three hundred and eleven year to come to fruition and get through government red tape. Thomas Cromwell vision started taking shape in 1850. Within two years it was completed.

Upon completion the fort had a large amount of ammunition. It contained three 32-pounder guns, as well as a single 12-pounder for protection of the walls of the dock. As the fort was protected the waterways during two world wars the ammunition changed from sixteen 10-inch and seven 9-inch RMLs, to four 12-pounder QF guns in 1902, to only two 12-pounder QF guns remained.

The restoration of the fort will allow today’s youth to understand the strength and hardships the soldiers went through maintaining the fort. They will be able to walk through the wonder and magic this place provides.

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