Laser 900 Basketball System

When Curtis R. Smith, NBA Skills Trainer decided to make the first ever motion-sports arcade machine he kept his family close. I spent time with them this weekend at CES2017 and was not only impressed by his invention, but by his passion for training. 

Curtis created a motion-sports arcade machine that changes how companies force you to buy their priority equipment. The Laser 900 uses standard sporting goods like a basketball and tennis balls can be purchased at Amazon, Target, or Walmart I could see my personal home, schools, along with companies like YMCAs, Boys & Girls Club, LA Fitness, ESPN Zone, and Dave and Buster's to benefit from it's enjoyable workout. I will tell you now, a one minute workout with the Laser 900 is both intense and mental challenging. In my opinion the Laser900 Basketball System is next years top Christmas gift.


The Lazer™ 900 delivers ball-handling drills from the top NBA skills coaches and trainers directly to users around the world. Powered by award-winning software, it's the world's first motion-based cardio trainer designed to mimic the movements of pro basketball without the rim. Requiring a real basketball to train, our unique fitness innovation tracks every move of your body and every bounce of the ball as you aspire to dribble to the tempo of the audiotrack in progress; and much, more including over 1 million LIVE and on-demand signature workouts. With three adjustable levels of stability, featuring downloadable content (DLC) to accommodate all skill-sets, this interactive evolution for player development is engineered for personal/group fitness settings.

The Key Features are:

  1. 28" Monitor Display
  2. Infrared Camera Sensor
  3. Storage bin for basketballs
  4. 30+ authentic move progressions
  5. 27 Watt Sub-woofer speaker system
  6. Over a million LIVE, demo, and on demand workouts and drills
  7. Three adjustable speeds for all skills sets.
  8. Multi player as demostrated below

My interview with Curtis R. Smith

Can visit them at Handle Fitness

  1. The LAZ-900 is around $4999 USD
  2. The LAZ-500 portable Units range around $3000 USD
  3. LAZ-100 Home Units are $2499 USD