Photos of Tauna

Tauna and Dan Kline

SVP Global Sales at Globality, Inc.

Tauna and Max Messmer

CEO of Robert Half Inc

Tauna Iseli and Max Messmer, CEO of Robert Half

Tauna and Brian Petrecool

Vegas Entertainer

Tauna Iseli and Brian Petre

Tauna and Vinnie Paulcool

Professional drummer and producer.

Tauna Iseli and Vinnie Paul

Tauna at the MGM for Girls Nightsurprised

Tauna Iseli

Tauna and Carl Bankskiss

Linebacker from 1984 to 1995 for the New York Giants

Tauna Iseli and Carl Banks

Tauna and Rick Genestinnocent

Actor & Model

Tauna Iseli and Rick Genest