Spain II

Spain; A new Beginning


Flying back to Spain was a great feeling. I had my travel plans from Julie at Finca-Casa-Aragon; and houses to see! Spain had not scared me off and my plans to see a few houses to relocate. On the contrary, seeing the real Spain made me love it more. They really do love and protect their country from outside forces. I am a tornado in general; I could see how this could be classified as an outside force of nature, but I succeed and hand my temporary passport to the Spanish Airport Security guard.


"What is this"? He said looking at my passport.

I looked at him and smiled " This is a temporary passport because my old one got stolen on the way to Barcelona."

"I know" he said then stamped my passport, and tossed it back at me. I smiled a bigger smiled and danced my way out of the terminal and into the airport itself.

The minute I arrived in airport train terminal I saw a nice cafe and decided to consolidate my feces's before getting on the train. I ordered a nice cold coca cola and asked an attendant to help me with my ticket. I showed him the instructions Julie sent me and he walked me to the machine and helped me purchase my ticket. He explained that the airport train line is a small extension of the train line; from here I need to take the train to Barcelona Sants in order to transfer to the train going to Moral La Nova. Overseas train travel was truly unknown to me and I was quite sure I would miss my transfer train with my luck.


I have issues and today was no different, with this in mind; the moment I got on the train I went into full panic mode. I did a scan of the train and noticed a cute, overly relaxed guy, whom was totally enthralled in his phone. You could tell he was not a tourist by his clothing and demeanor. I decided he was my best bet to surviving the train transfer situation, so I sat next to him and smiled. He smiled back quickly and returned to his phone. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was reading the Tarragona news and decided this would be a good time to ask for transfer instructions.

Funny how I don't remember how I started the conversation only that he was surprised that I new he local. "I'm from Tarragona".

"I know." I said smiling

"How"? He asked with a wryly smile

"I can't tell you." I said giving a equally wryly smile

"Where are you going?" he said shaking his head.

"Tarragona I think." I looked down and pulled my ticket out of my pocket and showed it to him.

"Your going to Moral La Nova, I have some extra time so I can help you out."

"Thank You!" I said happy to know the next section of my trip would be stress free.. If I only new.

"Do you Speak any Spanish?" He asked, then my head went silly fast. I'm not sure why but my answer took me back to 7th grade Spanish class. I wouldn't help it, before I new it my 7th grade pick up line blurted from my lips.

"Sí , el trabajo de mi cama, por favor" this is translated to Yes, work my bed, please

Before I could even take another breath Jordi looked at me, smug as all could be and said " I don't think you could afford me."

Knowing this was my line on a normal bases, I was taken back. I for once was truly speechless, no quick smart ass comment was coming, I had been put in my place and I loved it. "You know, your right" I said " I don't think I can afford you."

"That doesn't mean I would help you though." He said with an extended gin. "I just dropped of my girlfriend at the airport and I have some extra time. I will make sure that you get to your train platform OK. " We soon arrived at Barcelona Sants and Jordi handed me my bag, grabbed my second carry on and headed out the door. As he leaves the train he looks back at me and says "You know I do this as a living right?"

"Hu?" I said right on his heals but loosing ground

"You know, stake out people at the airport and steal their bags." He looked at me again that silly smug face.

"I will chase you down, don't; I knew I could take you when I sat down next to you." We both laughed and went up the train station sign to see what platform my train was leaving on.

Once we got to the platform we found out the the train wasn't leaving for another hour and fifteen. "What do you want to do?" Jordi asked "Your transfer ticket only last 15 minutes, so you want to wait"?

"I want a beer, that's what I want." not wanting to wait an hour in the terminal below "If you take me to beer, I will buy you a beer." Without a second delay Jordi let the ticket agent know we would be back in an hour and headed put the door making random comments about steeling my luggage. The Barcelona sun was nice to feel on my face and the short walk to the pub was greatly needed. The credit card restriction at the pub was 10 Euro, the beers were 2.50 Euro ensuring we would be drinking two large beers in less them an hour! WHOOO MOMMA and the drinking began.

When the time came for me to get to my train I was really tipsy and was sure I was going to miss my train. Jordi was certain I would make it on time. He wrote down the taxi services in Mora La Nova, then escorted me to the platform entrance. After I went through the turnstile Jordi motioned to the stairs. This was good as I got lost two seconds after going through. "OK" I yelled and stumbled down the escalator with my bags. The platform was full of people and I was starting to feel lost when the train arrived. I wan't sure if this was my train or not, but it came at the right platform at the right time so I jumped in and prayed for a miracle. Due to my large drinking and small bladder I sat next to the lavatory and watched the lovely scenery go by.

I checked on my phone every 15 minutes to make sure I was on the right track to Mora La Nova. Once the train changed direction in Lerida life seemed a little less stressful. I moved to a normal seat with a window view and watched the people and the scenery. An hour and a half into my journey I got to my destination. When the last of my phone battery I messaged my aunt with the taxi numbers Jordi had given me. Once the message sent, the phone fully died and turned off. I almost felt lost till I saw my MiFi and Kindle. I got my Kindle out and Facebook her right away to tell her that my phone was dead. Auntie called the taxi and in 15 minutes a man speaking no English entered the train station. Auntie was able to explain that I needed to go to the bank for cash, then to my hotel in Gandesa. Though he didn't speak much English, my translator on my Kindle closed the language gap and within 30 Minutes I was at The Hotel Piqué!



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