Gandesa was a lovely city, walking through the streets you could see the history

The Hotel Piqué is a intimidating building filled with History, Wine, and good food. Once I arrived Mery was there to help; due to my delay I had fallen off the reservation books and the Hotel was full. I could see that this was a problem but without issue she found me a room and directed me to my room.

The room was large, comforatable and had the most lovely bathroom. There are two things I like to do in a hotel, ok maybe three, but mostly two. The first thing is sleep; I like a good 7 hours. If the bed is not comforatable then neither am I. The second is taking a long tub after a busy day. The Hotel Piqué has both a nice comforatable bed, but a tub that made my hard travels drift away with the steaming water. 

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